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Zikimed was founded with the idea of offering top quality instruments at affordable prices to the everyday consumer. We have close family ties to our manufacturer supplying the majority of our instruments,  which is family owned and operated 4 generations now. Allowing us top priority, first hand knowledge, and a voice in quality and production of our instruments.


Zikimed offers a vast line of veterinary instruments in the following categories:

Surgical & Dental Instruments

Large & Small Instruments

Horse Care Instruments

Equine Instruments

Farrier Tools




Himalayan Salt Products


We strive to be successful with our dedication and commitment to quality and surpassing our customer’s expectations. We are consistently  growing and expanding  our line of instruments. We work very closely with experts in their line of field developing new instruments and modifying existing ones. Helpings us to stay fresh and up to date with veterinary medicine, offering the latest designs in veterinary instruments. We also supply some of the not so popular or hard to find instruments.


We guarantee our instruments 100% satisfaction, and stand behind our commitment to surpass our customers expectations. We treat every customer with the same guarantee, we will do all we can to insure your satisfaction with our instruments and customer care

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