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Bandage Surgical Lister Moon Curved Blades Scissors Stainless Steel 18 Cm


In stock

Sku: ZS-06-502-24

In stock

Material: J-2 Stainless Steel
Size: 18 Cm

Description: Curved-blade Lister Bandage Scissors are a versatile instrument with multiple uses, allows for deeper penetration into the wound. Lister Blunt/Blunt Suture Scissors used for trimming tissue or cutting sutures. Jaws of the Lister Bandage Scissors are angled with the lower blade being slightly longer. The tip of the lower blade features a flattened blunt nodule that is intended to slide between bandages and skin without cutting the skin. This feature allows Lister Bandage Scissors to occasionally be used during cesarean section to open the uterus without causing inadvertent injury to the baby. Moreover it is used to dissect tough tissues. Forged from the highest quality Japanese steel and provides reliable instrumentation for the operating room and other surgical centers.


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