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Bruening Ear/Nasal Snare, Bayonet shape 3.5 mm x 112 mm Stainless Steel Cannula,Overall Length 24.5 Cm


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Sku: ZES-16-130-16

Out of stock

Material: Stainless Steel Cannula and Chrome Plated Brass Handle
Length: 3.5 mm x 112 mm Cannula and Overall Length 24.5 Cm

Bruening Lange-Wilde Ear/Nasal Snare is a useful tool in removing pathologies of the Ear/Nasal cavity
Snare loop on the end of the instrument is designed to encircle and excise Ear/Nasal polypus or other lesions
Unique, two finger ring handle with an additional thumb ring for enhanced grip; Bayonet style minimizes obstruction caused by the instrument and expands the surgical view
Made of the finest German stainless steel Cannula and Chrome Plated Brass Handle for years of demanding use
Surgical grade to provide the highest level of craftsmanship


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