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Bull Lead Spring Loaded Standard Large Size 4.5″ Long


In stock

Sku: ZA-09-150-35

In stock

Material: Chrome Plated Pewter
Size: 4.5″ Long, Inside Width 8.5″  Mouth Open Width

Description: Bull Lead Spring Loaded makes securing bull lead easy. Quick to insert and release, with one handed open close action. Place thumb at loop end of lead and place two fingers on top of washer at other end of spring, squeeze to open mouth of bull lead and release tension on spring to close mouth of bull lead leaving bull lead securely in bulls nostrils. Spring-loaded lead closes in animal’s nose. Useful in moving or transport of animal.
Features /Benefits: One handed action. Easy application with no nose piercing necessary. Easy to clean and reusable. Heavy duty for long term use.


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