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Burgess Wolf Tooth Extractor Large Set of 14-pecs Stainless Steel With Pouch


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Sku: ZED-06-108-14   

In stock

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Tube elevators diameters are 8.3 mm. (.32 inches), 10.8 mm. (.42 inches), 12.70 mm. (0.5 inches), 16 mm. (.63 inches). Handle dimensions are 100 mm long (4 inches) X 25 mm. (1 inch) diameter. Each extension is 100 mm long X 13.2 mm (0.5 inches) diameter.

Burgess style wolf tooth extractor set with 6 sizes of oblique cut tube elevators. 2 threaded extensions add enough length to the elevators to allow the use of this instrument with a full mouth speculum in place. Molded handle attaches to all elevators and extensions.

Elevators, extensions, and handle can all be connected in combinations of (1) handle to either 1 or both extensions for an extra long total extension, (2) handle directly to any of 6 tube elevators (3) handle to extension(s) which in turn can attach to any of the 6 burrs.

Stainless steel 6 piece Burgess style wolf tooth extraction set with molded handle. With percussion technique wolf teeth can be extracted with a full mouth speculum in place using extensions. Shortening the extensions allows wolf tooth elevation without a full mouth speculum in place.

Ergonomic molded handle with 6 tube elevators and 2 extensions allowing the veterinarian to elevate and extract wolf teeth with a variety of techniques. Tube elevators 6 Tip 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm,8 mm,10 mm,12 mm, 1 Wolf Tooth Forceps 9.5″ Stainless Steel and 2 chisel 9″ Long Stainless Steel, with black pouch

Product Info

light weight but durable
stainless steel construction
ergonomic synthetic handle which threads into all tube elevators or extensions.
oblique cut to tube end for easier elevating of wolf tooth.
2 stainless Steel tightening and loosening rods for elevator tubes and extensions.


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