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California Bloodless Castration Stainless Steel Bander Only with Black Rubber Grip


In stock

Sku: ZA-04-145-00

In stock

Material: Bander Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Elastic Bands
Size: Standard

Description: Quick and simple to use for bloodless castration. Directions for use: hold Bander in one hand, insert T-clip located at the tip of each band into the Bander’s slotted end, with the other hand extend band taught around the scrotal sac and clip band onto the T-clip. Tilt Bander back to release. After the band has been applied it usually takes an average of 28 plus days for scrotum to fall off. You can use this system on young animals, as long as you can feel that both testicles are down. It is best to keep 1 inch between band and the abdominal wall. Vaccinate with tetanus Toxoid
Features /Benefits: Bloodless castration. No limit on the size of animal you can castrate. Economical, reduces time and cost.


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