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Caponizing 17-PC Kit Stainless Steel with Black Zipper Case


In stock

Sku: ZA-22-112-00

In stock

Material: Stainless Steel

Description: Caponizing 17-PC Kit Stainless Steel with Black  Zipper Case.

Each Kit includes the following.

1) 2-Small Handle Stainless Steel 2) 1-Rib Spreader Stainless Steel 6.75″ Long 3) 1-Collin Forceps Stainless Steel 7″ Long 4) 1-Dressing Scissors S/B 5.5″ Long 5) 1-Polyester Cord 6) 1-Split Scoop and Pick  Stainless Steel 7′ Long 7) 1-Grooved Director Stainless Steel 5″ Long 8) 1-Dressing Forceps 5′ Long 9) 1-Dressing Splinter Forceps 5″ Long 10) 1-Medical Pen Torch 11) 1-Scalpel Handle No # 3 Stainless Steel 12) 5-Scalpel Disposable Blades

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