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Elastrator Castration Pliers Rubber Ring Applicator Castration Docking Rings Only (100 Ring in Bag)


In stock

Sku: ZA-04-115-00

In stock

Material: Heavy Duty Elastic Rubber
Size: 2″ Band Spread

Description: Castration / Tail Docking Elastic Bands 2″ spread. Use with many Elastrator pliers. for bloodless castration and tail docking. Suitable for sheep, lambs, goats and cattle tail banding and castration. The most common way of tail docking is to apply a rubber ring (or band) to the tail using an Elastrator tool. The best way to castrate animal is to apply a rubber ring (or band) around the neck of scrotum, testicles drop off in 10 days or so. Please only do so with the advice of a professional.
Features /Benefits: Help improve the health and welfare of sheep and lambs. Bloodless Castration / Tail Docking. Heavy Duty Elastic Rubber. Economical, reduces time and cost.


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