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Equine Dental Examination 50mm Round Mirror, Stainless Steel Length 18″ Long


In stock

Sku: ZED-05-101-50

In stock

Material:  Stainless Steel

Size: 50 mm Round Mirror 18 Long

Description: Stainless steel Dental Mirror designed for optimal viewing of all intra-oral structures including Occlusal surfaces, periodontal pockets, and Diastemata. 18 inches (44 mm) long with convenient “T” handle. The 10-degree tilted end piece contains a 2-inch (5 cm) diameter replaceable mirror. Comes with protective leather mirror cover. Stainless steel construction with a “T” handle. The 10-degree tilted mirror contains a 2 inch (50 mm) mirror which is replaceable. Total length is 18 inches ( 44 cm ). Mirror magnification and 10-degree tilted end allows easy visualization of the caudal aspects of the equine dental arcade. T handle allows for easier manipulation of the mirror inside the mouth. Come with snap close glass cover Snaps secure leather cover and will not come off when stored or Carrying.



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