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Extra Large Farrier Hoof Tester Max Jaws Stainless Steel 19″ Long


In stock

Sku: VEF-05-103-19

In stock

Material: J-2 Stainless Steel
Size: 19″ Long

Description: Farrier Hoof Tester, a popular steel 19-inch hoof hardness tester with scored edges for better gripping. Comfortable, easy-to-use instrument. Helps to locate sensitive areas of the hoof during trimming. Easy to use and can be used across a variety of species. Hoof testers are large steel Stainless pincers designed to apply focal pressure to specific areas of the hoof. The primary goal in a hoof tester examination is to test for a pain response, usually indicated by the horse as a withdrawal of the limb. Additional information including the deform ability or malleability of the tissues of the hoof, and hoof texture, is also gained from this diagnostic. Hoof testing usually takes place after other parts of a lameness exam are completed. In rare cases, application of hoof testers may aggravate lameness by putting pressure on a sore area. In rare case, this can complicate the rest of the exam.One of the most important aspects of useful hoof tester examination is consistent technique and instrumentation. It is critical that the same technique and force be uséd from one horse to another and from one hoof to another, in order to gain meaningful information.


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