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Feline Spay General Surgical Instrument Stainless Steel 18 paces Kit


In stock

Sku: ZA-22-177-18

In stock

Material: J-2 Stainless Steel
Size: Multi Sizes

Description: 18-pc Feline Spay General Surgical Instrument Stainless Steel Kit Material: J-Stainless Steel Length: Multi Size Finish: Satin Hardness: 51 to 53  Packing: Poly Bag Description: 1 1-pc Olsen Hegar Needle Holder with TC Tip 14 Cm 21-pc Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight Beveled 17 Cm 31-pc Scalpel Handle # 3 4 4-pcs Backhaus Towel Clamp 9 Cm 5 1-pcs Snook Ovariectomy Hook 17 Cm 6 1-pcs Metzenbaum Scissors Blunt/Blunt Curved 17.5 Cm 7 1-pcs Tissue Forceps Allis 4×5 Tooth 15.5 Cm 8 2-pcs Hemostatic Forceps Kelly Straight 14 Cm 9 2-pcs Hemostatic Forceps Rochester Carmalt Curved 15.5 Cm 10 2-pcs Hemostatic Forceps Mosquito Curved 13 Cm 11 1-pcs Tissue Forceps Standard 1×2 Teeth 14.5 Cm 12 1-pcs Tissue Forceps Brown Adson 7×7 Teeth 12.5 Cm All Instrument med by J-Stainless Steel


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