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Single Hand Hair Clipper Nickel Plated Steel 9.5″ Long Right Hand


In stock

Sku: ZA-14-153-95  

In stock

Material: Steel Nickle Plated
Size: Over All Length 10″, Front Jaws Comb 2″

Description: Handheld, multipurpose spring-type shearing clipper is ideal for last-minute show touch-ups or whenever electricity is not readily available. The 7-tooth comb works for cows, horses, or sheep. Sheep Shears easy to use with one hand,  Grips on to the shear handle and use the thumb to function, Right Handed Shear. The 7-tooth comb works for cows, horses, or sheep. High-quality C.S. blade. Nickel-plated handle
Features /Benefits: Blades can be sharpened Durable for long term use


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