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Hank Uterine Dilators Double End 6-pc Set with Zipper Case Stainless Steel


In stock

Sku: ZS-18-165-00

In stock

Material: J- Stainless Steel
Size: 27 Cm or 10.5″ Long

Description: Hank Uterine Dilator is a manual, double-ended, probe-style OB/GYN instrument used for dilating the uterine cervix. It is solid and non-flexible with smooth, blunt tips. Hank dilators are slightly curved and feature a stop ring at each end to prevent over insertion. They are commonly used in procedures where gradual dilation of the cervix is necessary and are available in multiple sizes, graduated 5mm each, to suit the needs of the patient. They are most frequently used in Dilation & Curettage and Hysterectomy procedures. This product is an entire set of 6 dilators. The set includes dilators in the following American scale sizes: 9/10 (4.5mm/5mm), 11/12 (5.5mm/6mm), 13/14 (6.5mm/7mm), 15/16 (7.5mm/8mm), 17/18 (8.5mm/9mm), and 19/20 (9.5mm/10mm) dilators. This set includes a Zipper Case. Forged from the highest quality Japanese steel and provides reliable instrumentation for the operating room and other surgical centers.


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