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Hegar Uterine Single Ended Dilator 14-pc Set Stainless Steel 7″


In stock

Sku: ZS-18-162-50

In stock

Material: J- Stainless Steel
Size: 7″ Long

Description: Single Ended Hegar Uterine From 4mm to 17mm Hegar Single-Ended Uterine Dilator is a manual, probe-style instrument used to dilate the cervix. They are solid, Non-flexible, and available in multiple diameters. These dilators are slightly curved and have smooth, rounded tips. The overall length is 7 inches. Prestige Hegar Dilator set of 14 pcs, single ended. Measurements and weights are approximate. Sterilizable and Autoclavable. Forged from the highest quality Japanese steel and provides reliable instrumentation for the operating room and other surgical centers.


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