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Himalayan Salt Lick on with Rope for All Animals 5 to 6 Pound


In stock

Sku: ZEC-03-122-55

In stock

Material: Natural Salt

Size: 5 to 6

Description: Himalayan Pink Salt strengthens the animal immune system.

Himalayan Pink Salt contains 84 trace minerals that are essential for healthy lives, including Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium etc. It reduces drowsiness. Increase feed intake. Help harden hooves. Increase weight! Increase farm efficiency and productivity. Increase milk yields by 5-15% Himalayan Pink Salt maintains the mineral balance of the animals at the right level and keeps your livestock healthy. Animals too need vitamins and minerals in their daily food supply. Sodium is important for the  functioning of the central nervous system. Stops cattle drinking their urine. Reduces risk of frothy bloat. Himalayan Pink Salt helps blood formation- boost heat cycling ( Fertility ) When animals ingest the Himalayan Pink Salt, it helps maintain strong bones. Himalayan Pink Salt also helps maintain muscular strength, provide relief and aching bones, and improve blood and heart. Himalayan Pink Salt lick is resistant to rain and biting.

Himalayan Pink Salt helps replace lost electrolytes in all animals lost during hard work.

It makes an animal thirsty which encourages them to drink more water and stay hydrated, more intake of water will boost healthy digestion which flush out toxins and help prevent digestion issue.


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