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Horse Drenching Gun 300 ML Red Plastic With Stainless Steel Nozzle


In stock

Sku: ZED-05-205-30

In stock

Material: Plastic Body, Stainless Steel Nozzle

Size: 300 Ml

Description: Stainless steel Dental Mirror designed for optimal viewing of all intra-oral structures including Occlusal surfaces, periodontal pockets, and Diastemata. 18 inches (44 mm) long with convenient “T” handle. The 10-degree tilted end piece contains a 2-inch (35 cm) diameter replaceable mirror. Comes with a protective leather mirror cover. Stainless steel construction with a “T” handle. The 10-degree tilted mirror contains a 2-inch (35 mm) mirror which is replaceable. Total length is 18 inches ( 44 cm ). Mirror magnification and 10-degree tilted end allows easy visualization of the caudal aspects of the equine dental arcade. T handle allows for easier manipulation of the mirror inside the mouth. Come with snap close glass cover Snaps secure leather cover and will not come off when stored or carrying!

liquid into Horse, these drenchers allow large doses to be administered; often necessary to treat adult Horses and other large animals. Administer liquids slowly, allowing the animal to swallow on its own. Do not administer to any animal that cannot swallow on its own.

Features & Benefits. This drench gun has a body made of durable plastic with a curved metal drenching nozzle. Easy to use; adjustable by 10-ml increments.


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