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Burdizzo Bloodless Castration Forceps or Pliers Stainless Steel 9″ Long


Out of stock

Sku: ZA-04-131-09

Out of stock

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 9″ Long

Description: Burdizzo Castrator is invented by Italian Dr Burdizzo,  Burdizzo Castrator is most advance Pincher for bloodless castration of bulls, calves, rams, pigs and colts. 23 cm (09″). Please only do so with the advice of a professional. Help improve the health and welfare of bulls. Claves. rams. pigs. and colts.
No blood poisoning or painful effect. Work without injury to the skin. No blood flow risk or open wounds. Solid metal for long term use. Economical, reduces time and cost.


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