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Teat Slitter With 2 Blades Chrome Plated Brass 8″ Long


In stock

Sku: ZA-10-154-08

In stock

Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Size: 8 ” Long

Description:Chrome-plated, double-bladed, three-ringed instrument opens teat sphincter for better milk flow. Useful for follow-up surgery and mastitis. Disinfect teat and teat end. Insert sterilized device into the teat canal. Press down plunger to release blades and pull down from the teat. It is recommended to not fully extend the blades. If desired, repeat with teat slitter turned 90 degrees. Do not overuse. Dip teat with teat dip to help prevent infection.Three-ring design for a comfortable grip and easy handling. The blunt point makes it easy to insert with the blades retracted. Easy to use.

Note: This instrument is for use on cattle only Easy sterilization for multiple uses This product has sharp blades, use with caution.


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