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Serra Emasculator Castration Clamp Stainless Steel 12.5″ with Ratchet


Out of stock

Sku: ZA-04-154-12

Out of stock

Material: J-Stainless Steel
Size: 12.5″ Long

Description: Serra Emasculator castration clamp tool made with the highest quality French stainless steel in producing and assembling  by our professional craftsmen team. Our Emasculator was made to hold temper and work easily without fail every time. Our Emasculator will not chip, relax, loose sharp edge, and so forth as you may discover with other instruments made of less quality materials. Serra Elastrator has three actions: clamping, crushing and cutting. It draws the cord concentrically into the jaws, thus preventing slipping of the cord, as the jaws are closed on the Spermatic cord it is gripped by the clamping part. Ratchets hold Emasculator locked. Designed for castration minimal blood loss as blood vessels are crushed immediately after they are being cut. It reduces trauma with minimal blood loss. Please only do so with the advice of a professional.

Features /Benefits: Help improve the health and welfare of livestock Blood loss is minimal because blood vessels are crushed Less Trauma Crushes the arteries savoring them cleanly and so minimizes the risk of serious bleeding Back-Lock retains crushing portion locked unless unlocked Left Hand or Right Hand


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