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Dehorner Tube Stainless Steel & Wooden Handle 15 Cm Long,Tube Size 22 mm


In stock

Sku: ZA-05-120-22

In stock

Material: Stainless Steel, Hard Wood Knob
Size: 6″ Long, Tube Diameter 22 mm

Description:Dehorner tube made from high quality stainless steel for calves up to 200 lbs old. Dehorning at an early age (less than eight weeks) reduces the risk of serious infection because the horn bud is removed without opening the sinus (cavity) into the skull. When surgically dehorning older calves, the sinus is opened. On dairy farms, calves may be dehorned by a veterinarian or her assistant during the monthly herd health visit. Avoid the summer and aurum periods when dehorning calves. Risk  of infection and fly strike are great. Dehorning early spring, late fall, and winter only. Please only do so with the advice of a professional.



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