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Professional Dental Oral Hygiene Instruments 5-pc Kit Stainless Steel


In stock

Sku: ZD-03-87-05

In stock

Material: J-2 Stainless Steel
Size: Multi Size

Description:Professional Dental Oral Hygiene Kit 5 Tools Deep Cleaning  Scalier Teeth Care . The  Only produces high-quality dental hygiene tools with superior workmanship, design, and function.
We are committed to providing you with better product design, user experience, and service so that you can feel our quality and philosophy in the details of life.

Anti-fog Mirror – Used to see and target areas behind teeth and sides of teeth.
Dental Scraper – Used to clean and remove any calculus or plaque deposit in between the teeth,
Tartar Scraper – Used to remove difficult tartar and plaque from teeth.
Dental Probe – Used to professionally examine teeth for any defects and/or cavities.
Dental Tweezers – Used to pick up and retrieve any thready food particle caught in between teeth.
Product information. This  dental cleaning set is a perfect tools for you to take good care of your teeth easily. All 5 essential tools are needed to keep your oral hygiene.
This dental kit will remove your tartar and clean your teeth leaving them clean like if you just came back from the dentist.
With our dental kit, your teeth will always be clean and you will be able

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