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Professional Diagnostic Otoscope Kit Of 4-Pcs


Out of stock

Sku: ZA-17-142-00

Out of stock

Material: Chrome Plated Brass Handle, Black  Color Plastic Speculum

Size: Specula, 4 mm, 3 mm, and 2 mm

Description: Operating Diagnostic Otoscope  Kit with open slot in operating Otoscope head that will allow for forceps use and retrieval of foreign bodies. Bright LED light. Perfect for removing foreign bodies. Absolutely one of the best values in VETERINARY Otoscope Sets you will find on the market today! This is a BRAND NEW, Chrome plated brass Otoscope Set includes handle , operating Otoscope head, expandable Specula, a 4 mm, 3 mm, and 2 mm  speculum. This is the latest model with 3.25 VOLT operating veterinary Otoscope. The heart of any Otoscope is in its lens. Like all finer quality Otoscopes, ours comes with a glass überlegen brand lens with a 5 X MAGNIFICATION and added focal length to accommodate the longer veterinary speculums. The lens is scratch resistant and of optical quality. It swivels easily out of the way for foreign body removal. The kit includes  speculum to remove foxtails, chick weeds, and other foreign bodies. The handle uses 2 “C” alkaline batteries, so you get a very bright light. It will also accept re-chargeable batteries if you wish to use them. The advanced design Otoscope head attaches to the handle with a screw lock mount that is guaranteed to never wear out.




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