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Revolver Automatic Long Tube injection Luer-Lock 50 ML for All Livestock


Out of stock

Sku: ZA-01-104-50

Out of stock

Material: Nickle Plated Pewter

Size: 50 ML, 25 Long

Description: A pistol grip Automatic Revolver style multi-injection extended barrel syringe for use on livestock animals. It’s durable, with extended metal barrel for longer reach, has a metal frame and glass barrel attached to a comfortable Nickle-plated handle. It also provides easy-to-read highly accurate dosages, with settings of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ml. Replacement parts available. Longer barrel comes in use when you do not have adequate space or restraint facilities to inject large or small animals. Allowing for longer reach can be used while standing outside of cage or pen allows for injections while keeping safe distance. Extended barrel adds 15″ to allow longer distance from animal. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and sterilization. Metal frame to protect the glass barrel.
Provides efficiency for vaccinating groups of animals. Free Replacement parts included one glass barrel and 3 rubber washer


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