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Finger Ring Cutter EMS, EMT First Aid Brass Chrome Plated 16 Cm


In stock

Sku: ZA-22-201-00

In stock

Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Size: 16 Cm

Ring Cutter Pliers Ring Cutter with Circular Saw Blade RING REMOVER Cut Off and Remove Tight Rings from Finger Ring cutter, is the Original made in Brass and Stainless Steel, to cut off and remove rings that won’t come off fingers. This is a Ring cutter that saws ring while still on or off the finger.
Tool has a thin grooved base that slides between the finger and the ring, then simply turn the side wing handle and squeeze gently to saw off and cut the metal. Slight pressure and simple turns, after a few times the shank will be cut open. We recommend to use a small amount of lubricant to prolong the saw blade life. Ring cutter is very well made and very precise

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