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Vet-Sakurai Vaginal Speculum Chrome Plated Brass 3 x 10 Cm


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Sku: ZA-07-208-30

Out of stock

Material: Chrome Plated Brass
Size: Large, Top Blade 9 x 2.5 CM, Bottom Blade 10 x 3 Cm.  Full Opening with Double Action from Blade Tip  8.5 Cm and Standard Opening Action from Blade Tip 7 Cm, Speculum Face Visibility 5 x 6 Cm Diameter

Description: The Sakurai Vaginal Speculum is a  used for performing pelvic examinations, Pap Smears, and examining the cervix. It is a double blade Full Action Speculum inserted with the blades closed.  The blades are then opened by an external lever and screw.


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