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Standard Tattoo 3/8″ 4 Digits Marking Pliers for Livestock Animal Identification


In stock

Sku: ZA-15-171-00

In stock

Material:  Aluminum

Size:  22 Cm Long and  3/8″ Digits (Large)

Description: Tattoo Pliers are used for positive permanent livestock identification. our pliers are designed for ease of use and minimum hand fatigue when tattooing. Made of an aluminum alloy; pliers are sturdy yet Name: lightweight. Construction provides a short easy pull causing needles to penetrate deeply into the ear with a minimum amount of effort. Positive ear release prevents blurring and scratching. Holds up to 4 digits of 9.5mm (3/8″) and also,  It’s Com with 0-9 and A-Z Digits



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