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Hoof Rot Shears 9″ Long with Leather Loop for safety Super sharp Blade Stainless Steel


Out of stock

Sku: ZA-06-113-09

Out of stock

Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 9″ Long

Description: Hoof Rot Shear 9″ long, Super Sharp Blade Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Shear, Compact lightweight hoof trimmer for use on sheep, goats, and lambs. Our heavy pattern shears are used to cut thick edges grown out and around. Rigid construction and sharp blades can cut thick edges easily. Foot rot is a contagious disease that is detrimental to sheep. Sheep with foot rot can’t move appropriately, it also affects productivity, performance even breeding. To prevent foot rot, proper trimming when needed. Season, weather, breed, and color of the pigment of hooves could be used to determine how frequently trim the foot.


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